Frequently Asked Questions

Our Process is Different.

So is our yogurt.

Because of this, we get a lot of the same questions from new customers.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Why is there a thick yellow layer on the top?
This yogurt is non-homogenized, non-standardized and cup-set. During incubation, the cream rises to the top of the cup and forms a thicker, yellowish-coloured layer. The yellow colouring is a direct result of the cows’ grass-fed diet—the richer the nutrient density in the grass, the greater the butter-fat content in the yogurt. This cream needs to be stirred through prior to consumption.
Is the watery substance on top normal?
Some separation of the whey is normal. Stir through.
Why is my yogurt ‘chunky’?
If the product appears ‘chunky’ it is a result of handling and breaking the cup-set. Stirring well will result in a smooth consistency.
Why is this yogurt so different from all the others?
At Upper Canada Creamery, we implement a process that is simple and as gentle as possible on our milk, while still adhering to all regulatory requirements. We do not remove any dairy components, nor do we add any other ingredients (besides culture). We only process our own milk in order to guarantee that the yogurt quality is a direct reflection of our cows’ daily lifestyle. We always say what the cow gives that day is what you get in your yogurt. The product will change slightly in thickness and cream content from season to season.

What the cow gives…

…is what you get.

Our process leaves as much of the original taste of the cow’s milk in our products as possible.