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I wanted to thank you for making a product my body can actually use and thrive on.

I have tried all other dairy products and they just make my gut hurt and give me headaches.  My friends introduced my husband and I to your creamery a few weeks ago and I feel so much better already.  I eat a little Biemond yogurt daily and enjoy the cheese as well!

I have problem with dairy and gluten and also have an auto-immune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatic (PMR) and another that often goes along with PMR called Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA).  I am hoping the yogurt especially will help my gut and also put my diseases into remission.

Will keep you posted!

Susan A.

Best plain dairy yogurt I have tasted. Great in the morning with berries.

Steve Kushneryk

Went to Yogurt Fest today. Great time! Their yogurt is delicious!

Liz West

Absolutely amazing yogurt!

Heather Robertson

You make the best yogurt in the world. I bought some early one morning with my son who lives close by and I’ve been hoarding it all for myself. Thanks so much for serving us that day. I’m going to cry when it’s all gone. Too bad I live so far. I know where to get it in Ottawa, but it was just so much more special that I got it on the farm.

Tabitha Leeks Thompson 

I have suffered since high school with a severe reaction to milk and milk based products.  Dairy products did not affect me with gas, stomach pain, indigestion or even acne, no, I got boils.  Boils in places I will not go into.  I missed work for a week, sometimes two barely able to move without pain and swallowing antibiotics four times a day to fight the infection.  My wife had to forgo lots of recipes for years because there were no substitutes for milk until soy and almond milk came on the scene.

We were introduced to Biemond Organic dairy products and it was as if a ray of light beamed down from the clouds and broke the darkness of my dairy purgatory.  I am now able eat their yogurt, cheese, cheese curd and FROZEN Yogurt.  Oh the joy.

Seriously though, their products have opened up a whole new world of recipes formerly off limits to me.

George Purchase

As I told you at our visit I have to be very careful in my intake of dairy products.You kindly gave me a container of yogurt to try. I enjoyed every last bit of it and had absolutely no issues. Great yogurt and cheese curds! We’ll be back.


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